Saturday, 31 July 2010

Green tiger beetle

This is a green tiger beetle, photographed on a sandy track on the Isle of Hoy, Orkney, in June. Isn't it gorgeous? That deep emerald green caught my eye, almost like a jewel sparkling at my feet. It was scurrying across the cliff-top path to the Old Man of Hoy, the tallest sea stack in Europe. Who knows, perhaps it likes the view?
If you love beetles, bees, butterflies and other creepy-crawly creatures, have a look at the website for Buglife, the conservation charity for invertebrates: As you might expect, it's a small but highly industrious organisation doing fantastic work in raising awareness and protecting sites which are home to some of our rarest and most endangered bugs.
And if the bugs die, you can be sure we won't be far behind. They pollinate much of our food and break down a lot of our waste.We need them more than they need us...

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